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We often get questions about Pet Insurance. Pet insurance can be a great asset when unexpected pet care is needed. Pet insurance provides Peace of mind.  If your pet is sick or injured, you won't have to make medical care decisions based on finances. Here, we try to take some of the confusion out of selecting the right plan for your pet.

As you are aware, the quality of pet care is rising as more advanced treatments become available for pets. These newer advanced treatments can bring an added cost with that quality.  The fact is your pet has a 99% chance of facing one or two major health care issues during its lifetime.  These incidents can be emotionally and financially draining, which is why pet insurance makes so much sense.

While we are happy to work with any Pet Insurance carrier, we primarily recommend Trupanion.

For a review and comparison of all pet insurance carriers please visit Pet Insurance Review


TrupanionThe only pet insurance endorsed by American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
Accident and Illness
Premium remains the same for the life of the pet
You pay the veterinarian upfront, insurance reimburses you 90% (after deductible)
Free trial: 30 days of coverage for after having a physical with a veterinarian; you must enroll within 24 hours of the physical to be eligible, no credit card required
Visit online at or call 1-800-569-7913

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