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Hospice Care with Pets

Maggi Hamilton is a Volunteer Coordinator at Asera Care.  She is looking for sweet layed-back pets and their owners to visit terminally ill patients at the hospital. This is a great opportunity to encourage people who are confined to a hospital room and brighten up their day.  All volunteers would be trained.

If interested please contact:

Maggi Hamilton

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

866-902-8892 // office

708-203-4216 // cell

Best Buddies Winners


Riley and BrewserRiley wasn't feeling very well so Brewser comforted him and held him close. Riley is better now and he and Brewser are best buds.






In August 1997, Chamois, then eight weeks old, became a member of my family.  My precious dog died 3 months earlier, so Pippi, then five years old was accustomed to dealing with a dog - an old dog.  She was not, however, accustomed to dealing with a puppy!  Chamois, a beagle/lab mix was full of energy.  She flew around the apartment and wanted to play with Pippi who was sooo traumatizedChamois and Pippi.  The shelter said I had two weeks in which I could return Chamois if things didn't work out.  The first night that is exactly what I thought would happen.  Chamois spent the night in the bedroom and I spent the night in the living room with Pippi on my lap.  If anyone was going, it would have to be Chamois because Pippi was there first.

By the next morning the atmosphere had sealed and for the next 11 years Chamois and Pippi were "Best Buddies".

Pippi died in 2008 and now Chamois has another "Best Buddy", Kailash




 "Hey Sis, I think Mama's calling us."

"I'm not moving unless she's serving moist, is that ok with you?"

"Sounds good to me."

Mimi (left) and Jack are true litter mates and are inseparable.  Where one goes the other is right there.  They bust the myth of the arrogant and uppity cat.  They are sweet and loving little souls.

Box Car Willy turtle

Have you seen our turtle?  Answers to the name of Box Car Will, Willy for short.  He disappeared shortly after the race.  Apparently he didn't understand the concept of the finish line.  After he won the race, Willy just kept on going.  If you see him, please contact us.  We miss him so.

Pippy, Daisy, and Stanley share toys, blankets and the sofa and follow each other. Daisy (middle) is called the "Nurse", she makes sure everyone is OK.  Stan (right) is just Stan: kind and sweet.  Pippy "I used to bite, but now I love my family!"

Best of Buddies because they were all rescued from animal shelters in Indiana and Illinois.  They are happy to have found a good home together.

Sadie and Misty

Misty Brill and Heidi Mortier

Pet Hero

MCAH is 60 years old this year and we're celebrating in August by having a "Pet Hero" story contest. 


Could it be your pet?

If your pet is your hero, tell us about it!!!  Write a short story (1 page or less) telling us why your pet is your hero.

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing.

Contest is running until 8/31/09

60 Years in Business

WE ARE 60!!!!

Help us celebrate 60 years in business (1949-2009).  We have been at the same location for all 60 years.  Michigan City Animal Hospital is the oldest animal hospital in Michigan City.  Dr. Rex and Shari Bailey have owned MCAH since April 1987.

Read more: 60 Years in Business

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