1949 –

A linoleum store was converted to a one floor veterinarian hospital. It included an exam room and a small apartment in the back. The main floor consisted of 1,450 square feet, and served as a hold facility for humane society animals

1954 –

Dr. Klaus Friedburg and his wife Edna added an additional 1,450 square feet of living space upstairs for an apartment. There were numerous veterinarians who worked at the hospital during the thirty-two years that the Friedburg’s owned the hospital. During the 1960’s and 70’s the current Sentinal Alarm building was a Humane Society Building.

1980 –

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Hegazy purchased the practice from Dr.Friedburg. The Hegazy’s changed the name of the hospital to it’s present name. The added 850 square feet of kennel space and cedar siding. An old fashion ice cream shop in the parking lot was converted to a grooming shop. The ice cream shop burned down in 1982.

1987 –

Dr. Rex and Shari Bailey purchased the practice from the Hegazy’s. They worked on large and small animals until 1992. The Bailey’s lived in the upstairs apartment from 1987-1991. Many renovations in those early years were done on evenings and weekends as time and money permitted and developed slowly for 3-4 years. The current 3 car garage was added in the parking lot in 1990 and is used for dog obedience classes.

2003 –

The Bailey’s broke ground for the current addition. On March 29, 2004, the new hospital opened. What started out as a 1,250 square foot building is now a 12, 450 square foot, state of the art veterinarian hospital.

2005 –

Michigan City Animal Hospital receives Merit Award from Veterinary Economics: Hospital Design Competition as written in the article: “Six Key Lessions about building”

Now –

Michigan City Animal Hospital Continues to grow and expand to remain a leader in veterinary medicine. Our doctors and staff regularly go through continuing education to stay on top of the latest treatments and techniques as more medical options become available to pets.