COVID-19: Current Process

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus Pandemic has adversely affected all of our lives.

As the owner of Michigan City Animal Hospital, the safety of my clients, patients and staff is always at the forefront of my mind. We have come up with what we feel is best to provide medical care for your pet as well as limiting human contact to help keep our staff and clients protected. We are complying with CDC recommendations to help slow this pandemic down, and hope to back to normal as soon as possible. These are just temporary policies put in place to protect our community.

In Summary, we will be Instituting the Following Changes Effective Immediately:

While we will continue to care for your pets, only they will be allowed inside our facility. We will be conducting:

  • Curbside Appointments
  • Drop Off Appointments
  • Telemedicine Appointments
  • Delivery to Your Car

In short, please call us from the car when you arrive and we will conduct your visit over the phone, coming out to your car.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time and hope you and your family stay healthy!

What is a Curbside-Service Appointment?

You will schedule your appointment as usual by calling and speaking with a receptionist at MCAH. When you arrive for the appointment, you will call us from the parking lot and let us know that you have arrived. You’ll be transferred to a nurse to take your pet’s history. Within a few minutes, we will have a team member come to your car and escort your pet into our office. The veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination and then, call you with his/her findings and recommendations. At the conclusion of the appointment, a receptionist will call you for payments and a team member will return your pet to your car. We can also deliver any prescribed medications or foods to your car. We will provide your report card and receipt by print or email.

What is a Drop-Off Appointment?

A drop off appointment with curbside service! We will continue drop off appointments as usual, but we ask that you stay in your car and we will bring your pet in. We ask that you schedule a pickup time to avoid congesting the parking lot. Drop off appointments will only be from 7-9 a.m.

What is a Telemedicine Appointment? – Coming Soon

Through your smart phone or computer, you can connect with the same doctor you know and trust in the comfort of your home. You will schedule this appointment with our receptionists the same way you would have previously scheduled an in-clinic appointment. The only difference with this appointment is that you will provide us with an email address and a phone number so that we can reach you at a designated time. Our receptionist will collect the examination fee at the time of scheduling this appointment. Prior to your appointment time, we will send you a link to start this conversation. Please have the pet present for this video chat. We may request that you take photographs or videos of your pet with your smartphone during this chat. If medication needs to be dispensed, we have them ready for pickup, or can have them shipped to your house.

A telemedicine appointment is only available to patients with whom we have a current existing client-patient relationship. Telemedicine is not appropriate for all aliments. If we deem that this appointment is not appropriate for your pet’s illness, we will request that you bring your pet to the hospital for a complete physical examination and/or appropriate diagnostics.

Why are we Doing this Now?

We love caring for your pet. We want to be there for your pet and you during these difficult times. This can only happen if my staff remains healthy!

These temporary changes may lengthen your waiting and service time a bit – so, we thank you in advance for your patience. We know your time is valuable and will do our best to be as expedient as possible, without sacrificing care and quality.

We greatly appreciate you entrusting us with the care of your pet.


Rex Bailey, DVM

Owner of Michigan City Animal Hospital