Petey’s Miracle

At about eight months old, Petey was abandoned at the Michiana Humane Society one night in May, 2014. This pitbull had a severe skin and eye infection. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Fairchild diagnosed Petey with Demodectic mange and began treatment.

Some demodex mites are normal in the skin at the hair follicle but when a dog has a suppressed immune system for some reason, these mites can cause hair loss and infection. We most commonly see this condition in puppies, and unlike Sarcoptic mange, Demodectic mange is not contagious to other pets or to humans.

Petey was treated over the course of a few weeks with oral and injectable medications and a series of medicated baths. When he first came to us, he had very little hair, a strong skin odor, and was very timid. After his treatment and after all the wonderful care he received at the Humane Society, Petey’s coat is growing back nicely, the odor is gone and he is a friendly, happy puppy!

We have also been informed that Petey has been adopted.

For another perspective, see the Michiana Humane Society’s post about Petey.