Obedience Class

Obedience Classes

Our in-person obedience classes take place in the parking lot of our hospital when the weather is nice or in our garage during rain or snow.  We also offer Online Training Classes if that fits your lifestyle better.

Our skilled trainer, Doug Ayres of White Barn Kennels, provides training that is custom to the needs of the attending group and every individual puppy.  His background is in training multiple types of dogs and skill ranges, from working with students for 4H confirmation to K9 units for police duty.  Doug caters his training methods based on where your dog is currently at, her individual temperaments, and learning style. He’ll guide you in the steps needed to take them to the next level. Doug is committed to working with every owner to make sure their pet is learning and thriving in a safe, positive environment.

Puppy Class

Designed for puppies 6 months and younger

Course Outline

Meets weekly for total of four 50 minute sessions

Week 1 – Come and Sit

The puppy will be trained to come when called and sit in front of the handler

Week 2 – Sit and Stay

The puppy will be trained to remain in a sitting position as the handler backs away or moves around in the immediate area of the puppy.

Week 3 – Down and Stay

The puppy will be trained to go from a sitting position to a down position and back to a sit.

Week 4 – Come, Sit, Down & Stay

Weeks 1-3 will be combined into a complete exercise of come, sit, down and stay.

Obedience Class

Designed for dogs 7 months and holder

Course Outline

Week 1

Introduction to the leash, with basic leash handling and walking your dog at heel on a loose leash.  Will also go over some basics from the puppy class for those that have completed that class.

Week 2

Sit/Stay:  Handler and dog will be introduced to the proper sit/stay with the dog at their side in the heel position.

Week 3

Down/Stay to short recall.  Built upon week 2​, adding the down and recalling the dog to the heel position.

Week 4

Combining weeks 1-3 into a simple exercise utilizing the five basic commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, and Recall) learned in the first three weeks.

Week 5

Will work on a sit/stay in heel position for the approach of a “stranger” with or without another dog.  In this exercise the dog must stay in sit position as a stranger approaches.  This may include the stranger shaking hands with the handler or petting the dog.

Week 6

Will combine all lessons learned and address any problems the group has encountered during the class.

Dog Obedience Classes in Michigan City, IN