Case of the Month

Conclusion of the 34 Dogs Rescued

I have been reflecting on all that occurred with the 35 hoarded dogs in the Michigan City home a few weeks ago (July 31, 2018). I want to again thank everyone who helped: the Michigan City dog warden and volunteers, the Michigan City Police Department, the Michigan City Fire Department, the staffs of the Michiana…

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Reuniting Wildlife

Some days it seems like all the veterinarians in LaPorte County and Michigan send us their request for wildlife orphan care. We always get excited when we can fix them up and quickly release them in the first few days or week. We want to share two such examples we were able to celebrate at…

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Petey’s Miracle

At about eight months old, Petey was abandoned at the Michiana Humane Society one night in May, 2014. This pitbull had a severe skin and eye infection. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Fairchild diagnosed Petey with Demodectic mange and began treatment. Some demodex mites are normal in the skin at the hair follicle but when a…

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