Afterhours Telemedicine

Your friends at Michigan City Animal Hospital pride ourselves on giving our clients cutting edge care for their pets.

After Hours Concerns?

By taking your pets to MCAH, you’re in good hands. Our doctors are committed to your pet’s wellbeing and are even accessible to answer any after-hours concerns.

Pet concerns occur all hours of the day and a trip to the emergency room can be costly and sometimes unnecessary. Our vets are now available for remote video calls after our hospital is closed.

Telemedicine/Telehealth is one of the newest advancements in pet health and we’re excited to offer it to you! For true emergencies go directly to the emergency clinic, but for all else, or if you are unsure, try connecting with us through the airVet app.

What is airVet?

AirVet is the first telehealth platform designed to offer pet parents like you continuity of care between you and your veterinarian.

With airVet, you can connect with your vet (or one of the partner airVets) within seconds to get the peace of mind you need during those “ I don’t know if I should be freaking out or not!” moments.

Using a video call like Skype or Facetime, one of our veterinarians can see what’s going on with your pet and give a recommendation. Sometimes this may result in heading to the emergency clinic, other times this may mean following a few suggestions and seeing us in the morning.

Setup Now… So It’s There When You Need It

  1. Download the app by tapping on one of the icons below
  2. Select Michigan City Animal Hospital as your home hospital when prompted
  3. Select your primary veterinarian from the list
  4. Enter your pet
  5. Connect with your vet
    1. Option 1: Virtual Visit – For answers within a few minutes.  This will send notification to one of our vets and they will get back to you.  
    2. Option 2: Video Call – For serious urgent answers.  Immediately attempts to connect you with one of our vets or an alternative vet if one of ours is not immediately available. 

We were in the first 1% of veterinarians in the country offering this service. We look forward to continuing to bring you the latest innovation in veterinary technology to ensure we are always providing the best and most accessible care to you and your furry family!

Telemedicine for Pets in Michigan City, IN