Veterinary diagnostic imaging is used to discover internal disease or injury. Michigan City Animal Hospital employs advanced imaging technologies operated by board-certified veterinary radiologists, guaranteeing the highest quality of care for our patients.

Radiographs, or X-rays, use electromagnetic radiation directed towards the body to highlight objects within. They can detect abnormalities including skeletal fractures, soft tissue damage, foreign bodies and dental disease.

CT Scanning

We offer pet CT scans with 3D capabilities and are open for referrals. This tool will allow better evaluation of the hardest diseases leading to more accurate diagnosis, staging, prognosis and treatment. Along with the CT scanner, we can perform fluoroscopic procedures such as motion studies involving the esophagus, trachea and minimal invasive procedures.

Our imaging platform employs High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) technology, which is a new, proprietary, and patented imaging technology.  Similar to Computed Tomography (CT), it produces incredibly detailed and ultra-high resolution 3D images of your pet’s anatomy.  As another advantage, it delivers much less radiation than conventional CT systems, which decreases your pet’s radiation exposure. Clinicians receive the market’s highest resolution diagnostic images and can review the image data in any angle or orientation leading to superior diagnostic confidence.

Possible studies include: sinus evaluation, full mouth dental imaging, brain tumors/epilepsy evaluation, middle ear problems, suspected degenerative disk and spine diseases, ectopic ureters, cancer evaluation of chest and abdomen, growth related lesions of shoulder and elbow, meniscal tears of the knee, portosystemic shunts, and much more. Feel free to call if you are unsure if CT scanning would be helpful.

Sometimes a CT scan will tell you surgery is not an option and palliative care is the best way to proceed. Other times, it allows you to carefully plan a surgery for maximum results with no surprises. Our hope is this will help us further refine the cases and end up with a path to treatment in which client/doctor and patient has the best outcome.

For referring veterinarians, please use our order form to initiate scheduling a scan:

We understand many referrals come from a distance and therefore perform the exam, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, and scan for the same visit.


Our digital X-ray and Ultrsound equipment provide a look behind the surface.

Digital Radiology

Our doctors will be able to immediately go over your pet’s x-ray images with you in the exam room. Our digital x-ray equipment provides a sharper and cleaner image than traditional film x-ray machines. Digital Radiology also uses lower dosage radiation without sacrificing picture quality, so they are safer to use. Other benefits include the ability to enhance, manipulate, and share images quickly, and the elimination of chemicals involved in film processing that are harmful to the environment.


This non-invasive imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves.  This is the most up to date technology used for pregnancy diagnosis and other vital information.


Echocardiography, essentially an ultrasound of the heart, allows us to see inside the chambers of the heart to better determine causes of heart murmurs, assess cardiac efficiency, and monitor progression of heart disease.  Dr. Bailey and Dr. Standiford are trained to perform echocardiograms, and our images can be sent to board certified cardiologists for official reports.

Radiology for Pets in Michigan City, Indiana

To schedule a radiology consultation or appointment for your pet, call us at 219-872-4191.