Early detection is key when it comes to treating your pet, and Michigan City Animal Hospital offers complete in-house diagnostics including cutting-edge equipment and an on-site laboratory. This saves time, money, and most importantly, you don’t have to wait overnight for results—meaning your pet gets a diagnosis and needed treatment sooner.

Fully equipped in-house, providing quick laboratory results, including blood chemistries and cell counts in those critical cases.

In-House Laboratory

Lab work and diagnostic tests complement the physical exam to determine how your pet’s body is functioning .Our goal is early detection of a problem while it is still treatable.

Our facility is equipped with an in-house lab that gives us a fast diagnoses. Patients can often get blood work results back while they wait and medications can be dispensed at the time of departure.

Offsite Lab

For more extensive tests we also have strong association with an offsite laboratory. Depending on the test, the turnaround time can be a short as the same day, but most test results are back the next day. Sometimes your pet will receive multiple tests to help our medical team. Consider each test being like a part of a puzzle, where each piece is needed to complete the picture.

Common Lab Tests

Here are some of the common lab tests we perform

Blood Tests

Give our doctors a look at both the blood and the functioning of the internal organs. It can tell us if your pet has been infected with certain diseases, such as, heartworm, feline leukemia, and parvovirus. It is also used to regulate insulin or thyroid medications.

Urine Tests

Can be used for a variety of reasons, including detecting urinary tract disorders, kidney stones, and dehydration. It can also be used to determine if your pet has kidney problems or may be suggestive of diabetes.

Fecal Tests

Used to detect parasitic eggs and bacteria. We recommend that your pet get their stool tested twice a year.

Pet Diagnostics in Michigan City, IN

To schedule a diagnostic consultation for your pet, call us at 219-872-4191.